BearMan Radio

Show 166 I’m Biased About This

 Bear starts off the show talking about whats coming up in next days and weeks as well as revealing the benefits of having a home studio. We then talk about the value of good sources of information namely how valuable Wikileak’s new internal search engine is. Then Bear issues a disclaimer that he is biased about what is going on in the Ukraine and then blasts the fuck off on the ... << MORE >>

Show 165 Manic Depression

 On Thursday’s show; Paul Lee starts off the show talking about the stupid rancher in Nevada and then Bear hangs up on him. We then dive into the Seymour Hersh piece in the London Review of Books called the “Red Line and the Rat Line”, which details Turkey's involvement in last August's False Flag Sarin Gas Attack in a Damascus, Syria suburb, that almost took us to war. Bear blasts the ... << MORE >>

Show 164 Dropping Plates

 On Wednesday’s Show; Bear Starts off blasting his employer because his general manager told his fellow employees not to speak spanish amongst themselves at work.Then he goes off on McCutcheon, Citizens United, The Jobs Numbers and Proportional Representation. Snowman calls in and we talk about texting in the movie theater and something you might not know about the Malaysian Plane,and much much more. Thank You For Your Support!! ... << MORE >>

Show 163 An Evening with The Badolatos

  Tom and Suzie Badolato join us for Sunday Evening's Show. ... << MORE >>

Show 162 The More You Know

 On Thursdays Show: We come right out of the gate talking about the latest Ft. Hood shooting incident + Bear wonders why anyone is surprised by events like this, when we constantly fantasize about this very thing in our culture, especially the glorification of the lone nut. We then shift gears and talk about the Revenge Culture, Back Jump Theory, and False Flags ... << MORE >>

Show 161 The Stooky Brothers (Fuck Bob Charles)

 Don't Judge Me and Fuck New Jersey ... << MORE >>

Show 160 Police State Blues

 On Sunday’s Show; Bear opens up talking about his new bit “Waterline” and plays it. Then we quickly shift focus to The Police, namely how their new thing, aside from oppressing minorities and the poor, is now killing mentally ill homeless people like Kelly Thomas and most recently James Boyd. Snowman calls in and is equally outraged at the murder of James Boyd and brings up how we need to start ... << MORE >>

Show 159 Now You Will Pay

 On Thursday’s Show;Citizen Furious joins us and we talk about the new Star Wars movies while he baby sits Baby Furious. Bear then blasts off on The Dianne Feinstein versus The CIA War, specifically how it seems completely fake, and how it is designed to make it look like the Senate Intelligence Committee is actually providing over site. We stay on intelligence and talk about how President Obama’s plan to reform ... << MORE >>

Show 158 State School

 On this week’s show Bear starts by talking about how killing the stupid won’t solve anything. We then talk about how going to state school is mostly useless. God’s other son Paul Lee calls in with a good idea but takes too fuckn long to explain it. Bear brings up how New York State has the most segregated schools in the country and how this shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially people who ... << MORE >>

Sunday Show 3

 On this weeks show Bear celebrates his new time slot by talking about; How getting old sucks and since you’re gonna die soon, you should try to make your mark. Speaking of making your mark, ever shit over the water line? We then talk about a Xanax and booze addicted chimpanzee, who ripped some woman’s face and fingers off. Bear then bring up how people who are serving time for marijuana ... << MORE >>